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Editor interfaces

In our system we differentiate 3 types of assignable contents:

  • Loops
  • Schedules
  • Contents

Each of these types have their own editor interface where you can customize and build them for maximum effect.


Create impactful content swiftly with Loops, a streamlined version of Contents featuring image sequences and engaging videos. Optimized for low resource usage for smoother display and movement even on budget-friendly devices.


  • Loops are the simpler version of contents.
  • Users can create loops of images, videos, or layouts with predefined zones where other elements can be included.
  • The size of the toolset benefits from improved performance due to the fact that displaying and moving the elements requires less resources.
  • Loops are recommended if you want to whip up something quick.


Our Scheduler, as user-friendly as Google Calendar, offers an intuitive calendar interface and drag-and-drop functionality for efficient content scheduling. Save time and frustration, scheduling like a pro!


  • Schedules are calendar-like planners which allow you to create reusable scheduled playlist of contents for your screens.
  • You can schedule contents here


Learn about our robust fully featured content editor which is like Photoshop meets Canva built right into our platform.


  • With Contents you have so many choices to create creative contents you wish to play on your screen.
  • Contents can be handle more complex tasks than Loops
  • The size of the toolset is generously greater than the toolset of Loops.
  • Contents are recommended if you want to whip up something creative or complex.


Campaigns is a tool that allows you to dynamically organize content playback placement and timing of your Contents, Messages, Files or even your file Folders at scale. You just have to choose


  • What to play?
  • Where to play?
  • When to play?